Glass Oil Cruets Tutorial

Here is a quick guide for how I engrave these oil cruets:


Here is the glass cruet I use: Choice 8.5 oz. Oil and Vinegar Cruet with Pourer

I use dish soap instead of masking (easier clean up and I don’t have to deal with residue). Here is a video of how I apply the dish soap. I do not add any water or anything to the soap.

The bottle is just barely under the 2" requirement. Because of this and that I use dish soap, I do not use auto for material height. Here are the setting I use and some tips for adjusting them:


This is wonderful! I have several of these that I use all the time, and they just have dymo labels on them. Another of those things that I never would have thought of doing on the GF! Thank you, especially for your settings!!


Thanks so much.


We have a bunch of these, so another something that will likely be tried. Thank you for posting the setting you used.

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Thank you for sharing your information. Your tutorials are always so helpful!


Very helpful—thanks so much.

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