Glass Pebbles and Polyester Stickers

I was playing with some other materials today.

These are Hobby Lobby “Mosaic Accents” The white ones are glass and the brown are stone. The white glass ones are just engraved and colored with a sharpie slopped all over them. Then wiped down with a damp cloth. The top 2 were at too low a speed and cracked/splintered. The others were at 100% / 100 and came out pretty well.
The stones were a little more irregular and inconsistent, but had an interesting effect. Possible uses, who knows?

Here’s a little more useful product. I have these laser printable polyester labels that I use for car window decals and other labels. I was able to do very nice kiss cuts and will be able to print and cut custom labels MUCH faster than I have been doing on my Silhouette Cameo.

Here is the front. I used a Seklema mat to hold the material down and placed my settings at 9% /197. These twelve 1-1/4 inch circles cut in 26 seconds. Note the tiny overcast that went through the bottom paper at the start and end points. They didn’t really affect the Silver foil much.

Here’s the back, and you can see the minor cut through. The circle shapes are not cuts, just a little transparency where the foil top coat was removed.

And finally the stickers after weeding out the outside waste material. They peel off the backing very well, with little of the overcut that made the Cameo’s stickers hard to peel off the backing sheet.

Here’s a link to the materials. I really like OnLine Labels.


I use them too. Great job on the little glass marbles - couple of those look inlaid. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oooo, cool! Nice job on the kiss cutting, you’ve really dialed in your settings well. How do you like the Seklema mat?


Great resource and technique. I was looking for that kind of materiel and was wondering about being able to cut through just the sticker part and leaving the liner in tact. Done and done!


Mmmmm just Googled “Seklema”. Now I need one of those too. This has been an expensive day on the forum for me.


I just did these cuts on it so far, but I’m loving it. I had had some focus problems errors trying to work with cardstock flat on the honeycomb bed. This seemed to solve them and avoids magnet requirements when you are trying to get a full page of cuts done. I’m looking forward to trying cardstock and seeing how easy it is to remove the primary cut and the excess material from the mat.

It took about 3 tries to get this material dialed in, I’m pretty proud that it took that few. I started very low and had some issues when weeding the outside material. What I settled on seems perfect for this material. I have some matte white weatherproof polyester sticker material also. I hope will take the same settings.


@bill_laba Thanks for sharing! Do you recall what thickness of material you used for the polyester labels so that they don’t completely cut through?

9% power and 197 speed is what I used.


I made some stickers with the newly-enabled Snapmarks yesterday. They came out pretty great.

The white polyester sticker paper from Online Labels (OL177LP – ) is about .006" thick, according to my calipers. 195 speed and 3 power gets through the sticker layer and leaves the backing intact. 195/9 goes through the sticker and backing paper.

Using both together made a reasonable facsimile of a commercial die-cut sticker, including the borders that make them easier to peel.

The Snapmarks alignment was not quite hairline but, is good enough, especially if you do things like overprint colors where needed (like on the leaf).


Yep, great job! (I like to overprint a bit too.) :grinning:

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