Glass projects

A couple of glass projects. I know you cant see them very well. The bottles read olive oil and vinegar, and the glass cutting board says many have eaten here, few have died. The mirror has a day of the dead skull etched from the back.


Cute! Mirror turned out very nicely! :grinning:

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Nice. Where did you get those bottles from?:+1::grin:

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Reminds me of the ones I’ve seen at Dollar Tree? The round cutting board too.

they are just dollar store bottles

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that is exactly where they all came from.

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I really like the cutting board and the mirror, the designs are great

Good job on all pieces. I have a round glass plate 0.312 that I plan on engraving. Any setting or ideas on this project.

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They turned out great!

How did you engrave the bottles. Did you use anything on top like masking or the soap method? Also, what settings did you use? Thanks. :grin:

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Very nice, I have a few variations of the many have eaten. Great gift for cooks!

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I did these at full speed and 35 power


didn’t do anything special. I think the key is to go full speed.


When you did the second one , with the girls head did you do it on the front or the back of the glass.

That one was done on the back of the glass

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