Glass top protected

Hey, the GlowForge has a tough and beautiful exterior, but there are a few items that if dropped on the lid they will shatter the glass. Dense ceramic items, particularly magnets, can shatter the top even with a very light/short fall.

It is a $200 repair (parts & labor- very reasonable I say) but another $200 round trip shipping and the loss of use of your beloved GlowForge.

I decided to be proactive and ordered a think table top clear plastic sheet off Amazon. I won’t leave a link because I don’t have any referral side business or anything, but I ordered this one and it is very nice and needed only a tiny amount of trimming.


Would love to see a photo of it once you receive it! Any any initial impressions!

So does that mean that I no longer need to keep mine wrapped in bubble wrap? :slight_smile:


That’s a clever idea. It looks like it would do the trick without interfering with the functionality, aesthetics, or see-through-ness of the lid.

I want to make some kind of joke about the furniture in grandma’s house here, but I’m too tired to formulate one, so take it as read.


You can see right though it. Almost invisible


I installed a piece of 1/8" plexi with some Velcro tape to do the same thing. The height of the tape should provide a buffer, I think. Though I like your idea better; much less obtrusive.

The roll was likely cheaper than a sheet of acrylic. But if I had a piece that big I would have used it.