Glasses case adventure

Through together a case for my wife today.
I started with plans from here

The plans are quite good and I thought they’d drop right into the Glowforge ui no problem.
I took the PDF files and the loaded right in no problem. I did an initial test cut on some card board.
That turned out great.
Me being me and knowing my proclivity to screw things up I did another test cut on some plywood from Menards.

That also turned out great. I cut the felt file and acrylic handle files on printer paper just to check the fit of those. I found I didn’t like the size of the felt, it didn’t wrap the whole inside compartment. That was an easy fix, just streched it in Inkscape to the size I wanted (5.45 inches). The handle seemed fine though one piece of the paper blew around inside the laser and I have no idea where it ended up. :thinking::flushed:

So now I’m ready to cut the final product. I put some proof grade medium maple ply in and cut away.
Peal away the masking and everything is looking great. Until I do a dry fit and realize the ends are designed for thicker material.

To try and salvage the project I went back to Inkscape and resized the ovals for the end and uploaded a file with just one of them in it. I dropped each end in the GF one at a time centered as well as I could under the lens to maximize accuracy. Zoomed in to about 300% and placed the file as well as I possibly could and trimed them down.

They weren’t perfect but darn close.

I made it for my wife who is an avid knitter, hence the images on the ends.

Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Photos

I’m moderately pleased with the results. Some things I’d change;

  1. Of course, get the ends sized right to begin with.

  2. At the very least, change the color of acrylic used for the handle. If not redesign it to use something less bulky.


Very nice! Love the personalized engraving! :grinning:


Great work!


That is fantastic! I’m glad the camera could save the day for you. :slight_smile:


Fantastic! I’ve been eyeing those purse-like designs. Glad to see it made up so well, and the designs on the ends are perfect.


Subsequent iterations reflect the education of the journey. I think it’s great! The personalization is the :cherries: on top, showing the labor was done with her in mind and from the heart. :sunglasses:


Sweet. And yeah, you can always make things smaller :slight_smile: