Glitter acrylic cutting

What is the best setting for cutting glitter acrylic.

Moving this to Beyond the Manual so settings for non proofgrade material can be discussed.

Your best bet is to do some testing as you would with any new material. I suggest starting with one of the Proofgrade acrylic settings and adjust as needed.


Check out #6 for a good testing method:



I am also interested in this as well. I used Gorilla and E600. The backing seems to crack a little and come off after a week. I am still testing out glues. I am unable to see the other responses on your post.

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The hard part with glitter acrylic is that the acrylic cuts with perfectly normal settings - but the glitter can be made of things that cut exactly like normal acrylic all the way to don’t cut at all with a 40w laser. Hence why testing your specific one helps. If you bought it from a specific dealer, you might search for that name here on the forum and see if someone else has done the legwork for you!


The OP was asking about cutting, not gluing, you might do best to do a search on here for acrylic glues. It totally depends on what you’re gluing it to.


To emphasize this, there have been strange reports of plywood that would not cut reliably and for some unknown reason there was glitter in the middle ply/filler.

Glitter acrylic has not been referenced a lot, but there are threads out there where you might find settings to use as a starting point to test what you have.


Thank you. I may have gotten the messages mixed up. I thought I was responding to a glue posting. Thank you again.


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