Glitter paper // laser-safe?

Hey all - wanted to get your thoughts… Do you all think/know if this material is laser-safe?"-x-12"/p/120069

I guess it depends on what the glitter is made of, but it’s hard to tell…

If it’s safe or not, glitter gets everywhere even from most papers. You can probably mitigate it, but I don’t think I’d put anything with loose glitter in there.

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Oh glitter…
Glitter and I have had a rough relationship.

Sort of joking, but truth be told, no matter how cute it is for the little girls, no more glitter in my machine. (if really really called for - it can be painted or sprinkled on when done with the glowforge parts).

Here are some reasons, your mileage may vary.
If it is not embedded within the plastic and can come off, it will be everywhere.
You in your total lack of knowledge about the evils of glitter will then track it all about the house.
Worse is the hidden glitter, that will blow around within the machine at the worst possible times and laughs at you as you score the machine with a fine comb in an attempt to locate it.
If it gets between the laser and the product, the ‘burn’ slips into an alternate universe and prevents your attempts to score/engrave the design.
Occasionally you will have a perfect engrave with one tiny little shiny dot, which when removed will stand out like a pimple on the end of your nose.
Did I mention it will be all over the worktable and scattered throughout the house?

I have not used the plastic with embedded glitter in it, but it almost has to react to a laser the same as glitter sheets or paper products, just minus the tracking throughout the house part.


Don’t forget your face too. Glitter always gets on my face.


Only thing worse is Perfect Pearl Powders. Don’t drop the jar.


I believe this is the same as a multicolor pad I’ve used. Cuts great, no glitter mess. Can’t vouch for what might be in the fumes, but no bad stink.


Nothing makes your face itch more than having glitter on your fingers. Nothing.