Glitter & specialty acrylics?

I managed to find this scrap of glitter acrylic at Pro Plastics here in Denver and I swear to god my heart almost burst right out of my chest. I just got my email on Wednesday so I should be getting my GF sooooooon so I’m trying to start sourcing materials to play with. I know that Inventables has some glitter and other specialty acrylic but boy is it expensive and seemingly always out of stock so I was wondering if anyone had found any good sources for glitter specialty acrylic? I looked at the full sheets (I think they’re like 48" x 72") at Pro Plastics and they run around $500 :grimacing: Also, this will be my first time using a laser - is there any kind of acrylic that is a no-no for the laser/will kill me/shouldn’t be used?

Bonus points if anybody knows of other places to get scrap acrylic in Denver/Colorado!


Can’t beat the 4th Friday sale here…

BTW, Love your store site! :star_struck:


Oooooh, good to know - thank you!

Oh, just saw the second part - hahaha - thank you! The website alone is kinda a litmus test for people - either they love it or hate it!

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OMG-- my #1 pet peeve at work:


I work for myself now but I used to silently curse every person who used to do this! Like, “Susan, you do not need to be eating leftover tuna casserole - you’re better than that!”

Ditto on your website. Tried the the podcast link, but it expired. I did still found reading your site made me laugh out loud.

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Oh shoot, I forgot that link was still up - thanks for the reminder! My pal and I had a podcast but then we got too busy to keep up with it and seemed silly to keep paying to have the website up but I think I might do a funny DIY video series because I just can’t not have a billion projects going at once. :woman_shrugging:

But I’m so glad it made you chuckle!

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