Globe lamp template

New to Gf. I would really like to make the cardboard globe in the Gf video. Where can I find the template for this?


Welcome to the group! (That one hasn’t been offered in the Catalog yet.)

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Thanks for responding to my post. Thats too bad. I really like it.

Me too! (I plan to buy it when they offer it.) :smile:

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If you use this model.

And pass it thru this software.

You can export and make it. Or anything else.


Since it was in the original promo video, it should be available to us for free… eventually.


Was that included? (Thought it was just the normally sized things.)

Well, either way, I like that lamp a lot.

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I know it is not offered on the store yet, but you could grab a 3D file from another website like Use a 2D slicer application like 123D from autodesk to slice the 3D file into 2D laser files and voila!..

Well at least I hope voila :rofl:

Edit: Just realized that @karaelena has you covered.


I could be wrong, but that is what I remember from the several comments that @dan made in the last few years. Although I also seem to remember that their process for designing it was essentially exactly what @karaelena posted above, but using the old 123 Slice.


If they used that one, they might not have the rights to it, so they wouldn’t be able to offer it in the Catalog anyway.

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CC attribution - share alike, so it seems to me that if that was the globe model they used, they could offer it for free in the catalog as long as they also posted it as an attributed remix on thingiverse. They wouldn’t be able to sell it. But I have no idea where they got their original globe model.


Pretty sure the original promise was, if it’s in the video as being made by, it’ll be available for free.


Thank you for sharing this. Its pretty awesome! I will definitely use this for reference. Thanks again

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