Glock grip stippling


Has anyone attempted to do grip stippling on a Glock or other polymor frame? I have seen general videos where it is done, but not specific to the GF. I am waiting for mine to arrive and I am thinking of projects. Thanks.


@BSheremeto and @rotors have done a couple of tests I believe…you might want to check with one of them. :slightly_smiling_face:


Great. I will check with them later. I appreciate it.


I only engraved an AR magazine. BSheremeto was planning on trying stippling on a Glock, but I’m not sure if it ever happened. He did several tests on Glock magazines, but I’m guessing those aren’t the same material as the gun itself. I believe there are also some potential ATF issues with engraving the actual gun, unless you’re a gunsmith.


My test frames are still sitting in the parts bin. I’ve been busy with orders for other thing so no time for testing. I need to pull the crumb tray out for some p-mags this week so perhaps I’ll be able to throw a frame in


I gave my pmag away. I need to make one or twenty for myself now.


These are all for friends; im a pistol guy a literally dont own anything in a rifle caliber lol even my ARs are 9mm


Let me know if you do and how it goes. I will definatly try once mine gets here friday. Being in law enforcement there is certainly a market for it here and should not be any atf issues as you are not changing the actual workings of the firearm. Even engraving Kydex holsters could be a good market too. Excited to start trying it.


The funny thing is I now own 29 PMAGs and 4 other magazines for my rifle, but I’ve never had one round of ammunition to put in any of them, nor have I ever fired my rifle. The engraved magazine I gave away will at least be used.


This may answer some questions:

ATF is probably the last government entity I’d want to get on the wrong side of. :slight_smile: I don’t think it’d be much of an issue on a personal level - but commerce can change a lot.


Well here is my test. I did it at a speed of 700 from 30-90 power and 340lpi. If I just wanted to mark then 30 and 40 work fine. If you want to stipple for grip then you should go all the way to 90 to get good depth