Glow big or go home... Idea for Airplane Wing Desk

Hello my fellow Glow-F-rs. :slight_smile:

I have been thinking about what my first project when I get my new GF Pro in my greedy little paws, and I decided to go big.

I just am at the tail end of a house renovation and I have been looking for a desk. I really like the wing desk of course because its amazing looking and so strong. I have a friend in New York that works on a museum carrier that might help with a vintage fin or rudder, but then again, why not put the GF to good use and make my own.

So, here it is. This is what I am aiming for on completion. I am going to start drawing the ribs, and legs thinking everything will fit together. Starting with the basic shape following the B25 wing style, to scale of course. The real wing would be about 25 feet, and I am think my desk would be about 7.

If you are interested, please let me know and I will start posting the vector files, and you could build one yourself. This will take some screwing, hammers, and who knows what to complete. Im learning as go so please be patient.

Ill get started later this week. I have an Interview tomorrow, wish me luck.


LOVE this idea!


Oh, yeah… Go for it!
And take lots of pictures. :wink:


Very cool! I’ve been seriously considering tackling an airplane wing monitor stand but haven’t sat down to design it yet. Definitely post your progress.


There are some big ideas where you quietly say to yourself “that’ll never work”… but I think that’ll work! But… lots of work. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see when you’re done.


What a gorgeous design. I will look forward to the files!


A little more inspiration for you – these guys are awesome:


Wonderful plan. Really creative. Please post progress pictures!


Good luck!


That is going to be great. Good luck!


Thanks all for the support.

First thing to do is research. A lot of it. I found some great illustrations of wing ribs, from real planes to R/C ones. There are a lot of people that have done this before in many different ways. I have the “ace in the hole” with the Glowforge Pro (coming soon I hope) to do most of the work.

I found this B-25 wing design that I like a lot. Its evenly spaced between both ends, and has that style that I am looking for.

I can start planning from this, and start looking for people who have reconditioned the old planes. I will start planning on the desk at full size in Adobe Illustrator so I have all the sizes exactly how I want them.

More soon…


I have the ribs drawn up, and ready for testing. i am going to do a 1/8 scale model to test the look of it before I use up material on doing the whole thing.

I am thinking each rib would be done in layers, each layer being cut on 1/4 inch laminated plywood or aircraft grade wood. One would be 3 layers (3/4 inch thick) and the other would be 5 layers (1 1/4 inch thick) with 3/4 inch wood going the length of the desk. I would have to glue the layers together and clamp them till dry. Then I could screw in some supports for the glass on top, as well as start planning on where the legs will go.

The desk I am planning on building is 60 x 30, but I could make it longer if needed. The ribs are 30 inches long, and about 5 inches wide.

Here is the wing file if you want to play with it.

I got a new badge today… Owner of a Glowforge, an exciting honor. Now… if I could just get the machine sent to me, I would feel like that badge was more or less true. :slight_smile:

WING Desk Lines


i’ve always liked the plane-inspired desk sold by restoration hardware, too:



JR, I looked at that. The issue that I had with that is there was not enough room for the computer, and if you were sideways, your legs hit the book shelves. I do love the look though. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the inspiration.

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Building a scale model of a plane is one of my bucket list projects. This sounds way more fun. :smile: Can’t wait to see how you pull it off.

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the issue i have with it is that it’s waaaaaaaaaay too $. i just like it.

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