Glow forge Pro for sale - Lexington SC

I’m wanting to sell my gloforge pro. Anyone interested or know someone who might be interested in purchasing it?
We are selling our glow forge after two years. It’s been used gently, no cosmetic issues, no operational issues, if interested, we are also throwing in our homemade rolling table/workbench with Oak top. Pine frame. Please let me know if interested. We are located in Lexington, SC. Selling for $4,500


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Do you have pictures of the table?
We are visiting relatives in early May in NC, about 2 hours away, if you haven’t sold it by then I would like to take a look at it. Do you still have the shipping box?

Still have the shipping box although there was a tear in it but nothing that we can’t fix up a bit. Here is the table. Pine lumber frame, and oak top. Has wheels as wells

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My email is feel free to contact me that way and we can get each other contact info.

Thanks for the pictures, beautiful table! Are you in Lexington South Carolina or Lexington Kentucky?
I just noticed that the subject line has KY - but the description is SC - I was reading the description and did not see the subject line.
I will be close to SC but well over twelve hours away from KY …so KY is not an option - :slightly_frowning_face:

I am seeing that used more and more in people selling glowforges, how is a laser burning thru material, emitting toxic smoke ‘gentle’ - its violent and painful
did it come from a loving smoke free home?
is it new with tags?


As you noted, the post says SC but the title says KY.

That’s almost 500 miles difference.

@swalker79 Thanks and sorry but looks like my trip has been changed so I will not be in the area :confounded:.
I am sure a lucky person living closer will jump on this deal.

Thank you, I just corrected that. Not sure how I missed it automatically putting KY in there.

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