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My first post so be gentle.
Why am I unable to purchase Proof Grade materials prior to the GF printer arriving (due May 18 2018)
Between now and my May delivery I would like to order materials instead of waiting weeks for an International delivery after I have received the printer and setup an account etc.


unless things have changed, which is possible, you should be able to order once your “golden email” arrives and you accept the terms.

I’m sure somebody will correct me if I’m wrong :wink:

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I honestly don’t know the reasoning behind this but it looks to be a logistics thing like slowly turn up the heat instead of everyone let in all at once.

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OK dumb question "what is a golden email"
Guess you can tell I am a newbie.

The date on your account status is the date you’re currently anticipated to receive the email asking for your shipping address. It’s known colloquially as the golden email. The delivery window, at least for domestic orders, is 6-weeks after receiving the “golden email.”

After you receive the email, you’ll be able to access the Glowforge store. Given the delivery window, you should be able to place an order then and not have to wait beyond your GF delivery date.


You can order proofgrade materials before your glowforge arrives, but you do need to wait until you get an email asking for your shipping address (the “golden email”, as some people call it). Once you get that email, you will be able to order supplies. I ordered proofgrade stuff shortly after I confirmed my email address, and the proofgrade box arrived well before the glowforge.

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Not all wood products are prohibited, I order timber supplies from the USA only certain species that are at risk and the suppliers advise you of these species on their websites.
Importation of wood into Australia can be subjected to quarantine procedures.

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Oh, interesting! Sorry, I had actually edited my post before you replied, because it was off topic and some people don’t like that, but I really appreciate the answer.

Totally understandable australia would be quite strict about importing potential hazards or pests, given the history.

Now I am depressed… May 18 is not my ship date, just a tease date …haha

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! It’s still a great email to get though and hopefully they have the process down to a science at that point and it gets there very quickly thereafter.

Oh well…look on the bright side, it will give me 6 months to learn Ai or inkscape.


Just dropping by to say hello! It’s the pits you have to wait so long, but I’m glad you joined us. Using the time to learn some design programs is the absolute best thing you can do and it’ll put you way ahead of the curve when your laser does arrive. It seems a good chunk of the problem new folks are having is file/design related. Even as user friendly as the GF is, it does take some basic understanding of design concepts when you venture into making your own files. In the meantime, ask us anything, we hardly ever bite newcomers. :grinning:

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