Glow forge T-shirts?

I am going to post a few things in the Show & Tell forum. I work with a Silhouette vinyl cutter and made this shirt for myself. A little play on the phrase “Forge Ahead”. I know you can’t respond or endorse it in the forums, but wondered if you’d allow some sales if I direct anyone interested in one to an Etsy posting. I’d only list them until the delivery date and don’t know if there will be a lot of interest. Just wondered if you’d object to it.


oh that is sweeeet

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I’d buy one!!

Cool copyright infringement.


That’s why I meant to ask if it they would object to me offering it. Meant to post just admin at Glowforge, but messed up. Should not be a problem if I just made it for myself.

That’s a glowforgory!

That’s my understanding as well (trademarks don’t apply to non-comercial activity).

I am not a big-city doctor. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m so flattered you’d do this! We’re 100% great with you making them or giving them away, but nasty lawyer types would growl at us if we said it was OK to sell them.


Just what I thought. But, hey, doesn’t hurt to ask. Can’t wait for delivery.

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I’ll buy one…let me know should you decide to make some…$25.00 ok ? let me know

Sorry. I’d hoped to provide them to the Forum Community for minimal compensation for my time. Much less than $25.00. Alas, can’t afford to give them away and GF can’t bend the trademark rules.

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Can’t GF set up a legal deal with you, to get a fair % of each sale, as compensation for license to use their trademark?

Likely too small an issue to devote time to. Need to keep concentrating on getting machines out on schedule. I never saw it as a big seller, just a kind of cool thing to fuel the forum members’ anticipation of their machine - and a fun play on words. Kind of a cool tag line that may or may not have been mentioned before.

I thought the book was really cool for community building. But it was so adult. The kid in me would have been just as happy with a tshirt.

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Hmmm, Maybe they’d be agreeable to let me produce them if I took the “June 2016” off of it and just left it open ended - - - just “glowforge Ahead”. LOL :smiley:

Well, doesn’t have to be right away; they can look into this after they are up and running, and it shouldn’t take their lawyers very much time to draft up a licensing agreement with you…they could even put a cap on it for say 50 or 100 t-shirts or something like that, so that it doesn’t interfere with any big licensing plans in the future.

Good for public relations & community bonding, for sure!

Maybe Dan could sell you the rights to do the T-shirt. For say a Dollar but Buy a T-shirt for a dollar less for payment.

Give them away but charge for shipping & handling.

Exactly this. Would love to figure out the legal framework to let you do that; can’t do it right now. :slight_smile:


I preface this with a declaration that I have absolutely no legal education.
I’m not trying to circumvent anyone’s property protection, or get Dan and his legal talent upset (especially at me!) - I just like the T-shirt and the spirit in which it was created - and find it frustrating for a gesture of good will to be smacked down by a legal tecnicallity designed for IP protection when the spirit of the gesture intended no such transgression.

Hypothetically, if you were to give me one out of the kindness of your heart - without stipulation, perhaps I would be compelled to reciprocate in some fashion in appreciation for your generosity, which of course would be entirely up to me.

As long as you demonstrate that you are not attempting to profit from selling Glowforge’s intellectual property… and in appreciation for the great deal GF has given us, perhaps you would be inspired to donate any proceeds you might happen to recieve above your expenditures to a charity of your’s or Glowforge’s choosing - or maybe provide shirts for the Glowforge team!

I seriously doubt that GF could sanction or authorize that or any avenue for that here in the forum, I don’t know… but I’m inspired to update my profile with my email. :rolling_eyes:

Seems to me that Glowforge would have a place in their catalog for a sanctioned company T-shirt in the near future, (as organized as these guys are, they may already have an established plan) but there may be an opportunity for both of you to take advantage of there.

Just a thought. You make a nice T my friend!

I hope I didn’t step on any lawyer’s toes…(not really) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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If we were to actually take Dan’s stock answer at face value, that everyone is too busy developing a wonderful product, then no one will have time to come after him.

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