Glowcut - a wooden linocut print project

This ties in nicely with day 3 of #Glowvember, and is a project I finished recently, so thought I’d share the process.

Designed the lettering, then reversed it and printed it to cut. I cut another board the same size, then using the cutout, stuck the letters down. Removed the top board.

I professionally pressed it (aka stack of books), then gave it a wood glue varnish as I 'd seen other people found wood quite porous.

Once dry, I rolled it with acrylic paint, laying art paper over the top and rolling firm. I then let it dry - it takes a while - the thicker the paint is, the longer it takes to dry.

I’m delighted with the final design!

Below is my actual project for today - a quick quote from Seneca. I love the contrast, and adding the ‘holes’ in the letters I think makes it. I struggle with my MH, and this is a great quote to help me out.


This turned out nicely (the block print). So, Linocut by strict definition means that it uses linoleum. I think from your description that you used wood? The results are solid regardless, just curious about your process.


Yes, I this was essentially a linocut for the unartistic (me) - I’m not very dextrous, but quite creative, so this was lovely to create as a project.


I love how that turned out!!! The black frame really complements the print and makes it look very sleek! Do you plan to duplicate and sell prints? I imagine they would sell nicely!


Hey! Thank you! Yes, I was able to make lovely duplications, and am prepping them for sale.


I love how this turned out!!


Wow, you are seriously productive! You make very nice projects. Thank you for showing us.


that is me, with a dash of dyslexia added.




(Glowcut - a wooden linocut print project - #3 by mr.lockyer)

I’m not very dextrous, but quite creative, so this was lovely to create as a project.
I’m just the other way I’m quite technical when it comes to making things but not very creative.
Not sure which is better or if there is a real difference. Have a good day.


Those look great! Just seeing the first pic, had no idea it was a print and not just painted wood. Both projects are really nice. Like the saying on the 2nd piece.


so is linocut basically like a stamp but made with a piece of linoleum?

I think so; maybe more like a wood cut.


I guess I’m confused about why it isn’t just a stamp then. Is it because it’s flat or something?

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I think linos are larger than stamps, so take a lot more pressure, are rigid so the design face creates a different quality impression. Stamps are a small, flexible version of a lino; linocuts are large rigid versions of stamps.

My story (literally) and I’m sticking with it. :crazy_face:


Bwahahahaha!! ok This makes sense. Thank you for taking the time to share your “story” LOL this makes sense!

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