So the Glowfolk and Maker Faire did it…my sister ordered a Glowforge last night! :grinning:

I’m so excited to be able to work on projects together! I like the tech toys, and she’s the crafty one with an amazing eye for decor and design. After seeing the interface as we did our test projects in the Glowforge booth, she was sold—it was so user-friendly she realized she could totally handle it and has been brainstorming projects ever since.

Squee! We’re a Glowfamily now! :grin:


That’s beyond awesome! Think of the fun you’ll have working on collaborations! :smile:

I’m totally jelly…my sis and tech do not mesh. (She takes after mom…artistic.) It would be fun to share a hobby.


It’s also another case where it would be great to make sure we can “send” jobs to another GF account. Sooooo happy for your family to enjoy TWO Glowforges!


My sister has also ordered a GF.
We have already been talking about what joint projects we will be working on first. :slight_smile:




Very fun! My brother went 3D printer instead. So he’ll be additive and I’ll be subtractive. We’ve already been talking about mailing each other parts to apply our particular machines to.


I hope you remembered to use your referral discount!


We did! I offered to give her my $100 back but she refused. I’ll get her a lot of proofgrade with my credits to make up for it. :grinning:


Sweet! I really loved being able to show people the glowforge at the faire, and let them see firsthand the type of things I was able to make with it.

Having the leather bracers and the helmet on the table took a minute to sink in for most people, but then their eyes would get really wide, and you could see the possibilities flashing in their minds.

It was great getting to meet you at the Faire btw!


You too! Sorry we picked a bad time to stop by when the wifi issues were at their worst. And thanks for the chocolate! :blush: We should have offered to go pick up food for the Glowfolk with how busy your booths were!


My sister (and everyone else I know)…

“Why do I need one , when I can use yours?”


Answer: So long as you pay the bills, not a problem.


That’s so cool! I can’t wait to see what you do together!


Wonderful–I’m so excited that I’ll be sharing my Forge with my maker husband. There’s nothing like collaboration to make good stuff.


Yeah, that’s my sister as well. And, frankly, she’s got the most artistic talent of me and my siblings, so I’m cool with that. :wink:


I tried to share–(“Just send the file and call me–I just have to put in the material and push the glowy button!”) but she wanted her own. Can’t say I blame her. :blush: It will be nice to have someone to learn with, that’s for sure!


If you didn’t make it so easy to use I wouldn’t have been this brave! Excited to start making cool stuff!!


What sort of projects are you excited about?


There are so many things! Planning thank you’s for my Global Culture Team, Christmas gifts for my pool of Master Trainers, and of course fun stuff for the nieces and nephew =) Really want to make one of the awesome cutting boards I saw at Maker Faire.


Welcome @Snowjax to the forum. So many wonderful people and amazing projects to encounter!