Glowfinger has arrived

So after waiting a while my Glowforge finally arrived (would have been while I was out of town without myUPS deliver rescheduling. I’d been avoiding the forum for a while as I wanted to avoid getting too excited while waiting. But I’m back now.

The forge is named Glowfinger.
Do you expect me to talk Glowfinger?
No Mr. Maple, I expect you to carve.

So on the first test run the exhaust hose popped off the back in mid carve. I ran over to pop it back on and jostled the machine slightly, but enough that the wood moved slightly. Argh…

Read a post about some silicon sealing tape and will look into reworking my exhaust strategy which is mostly good but I’m getting a bit of odor in my living room and the wife is not amused.

Where might I find all the projects that were displayed on the original demo page? I seem to have access to a couple handfuls but thought there were more.

Looking forward to some cool projects I’ll be displaying here in the weeks to come.


Welcome back John :sunglasses:
That seal around the exhaust port was problematic for me. One of my first moves was to replace that spring clamp with a screw hose clamp.
The thing about that flex duct is the spiral wire that holds it open. You are clamping it down on a hard surface, and that wire spirals under the clamp, so it creates an unbroken path under it. Small, but potential because the exhaust run is pressurized downstream of the fan.
For that reason, the weatherstrip tape is a good idea because it gives a cushion for the wire to embed in.
It took me a while to achieve it, but with a sealed exhaust and no blow-back from the outside, there is no odor.
Enjoy the adventure!


Only the designs from the video are promised. There are a few already in your collection. You can also see them in the catalog where they’re marked “already owned”. A couple of backgrounds patterns (the nori), rocket cake topper, rocket invitation, etc.

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Welcome to another Glowfinger !
. . . and also in the care of another John !



Congrats! Can’t wait to see the goodies! :grinning:

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Thanks for the morning chuckle!!


Happy to have another Glowforge up and running! Congrats!