Glowfolk original poetry, limericks, short stories, etc


Do we have any poets, writers, etc here? How about a Glowforge inspired limerick or poem?

Man on a String

Love is a kite’s string…
When with wind in its sails…
Rises above where the clouds sing…
Untethered…it fails.

You are the pilot…
My heart’s the kite…
You tug…release me…
I quiver…I fight.

There’s a connection between us…
Together we soar…
My heart’s doing circles
For the one I adore.

Copyright ©2008

Weekly Highlights for January 8th-14th

Very nice!


I wish I was a glow worm,
A glow worm’s never glum.
It’s hard to be unhappy,
When the sun shines out your bum!


Bravo! :sweat_smile:


If I had my Glowforge
I’d be lasering with it now.
I would make me loads of lovely things,
Then stand and take a bow!


You’ve got a real gift for this sort of thing! It’s on a slightly different level than @volivaa’s, but I like it!


Alt version:

I wish I was a Glowforge,
A GF’s never glum.
I’d never be unhappy,
Shooting lasers out me bum!


I sense there was a plan :smile:


That’s deep, man! lol


There once was a man from Nantucket
Who couldn’t stand the K40’s bucket
He saw a commercial
For a laser less controversial
When it comes to reliability and ease

He then was presented with a delay
Which caused a stir and dismay
He dealt with it by acquiring
Vector education, inspiring
And free stuff eased pain by small degrees

At this point he looked at his bucket
Decided he’d say… ummm… "I won’t yet quite chuck it?"
He now waits patiently
Studying cyclopean masonry (thank you,
Aspiring to be Nantucket’s own Socrates


There once was a man from Seattle
Who dazzled us all with his prattle.
The Glowforge she’s a comin!
So don’t be a bummin
Or we’ll dump your poor ass in the atoll!

Last line needs a bit of work.


There was a young lad from Glowforge,
Who needed to get 'cross a gorge.
So he lasered some trees,
And as quick as you please,
A beautiful bridge was then forged.


It’s not original, but it’s about the only thing with poetry on it I’ve ever made.


Fantastic! :joy:


Once was a man awaiting a Glowforge,
Whose projects piled up so high
He couldn’t duck them.
He said with a grin,
As he emptied out his bin,
“If my GF was an Epilog,
I’d be killing it!”



Glorious Glowforge
With Wonderful laser ease
Maybe tomorrow


Arrrr, Marmak were de first to sail the sea of ideas…
Around his trusty ship, MakForge, the sharks swarmed…
If he let them, they would make them all vaporware…
Marmak would have none of it…
MakForge On, cried his minions as he rastered to and fro, vectoring left and right, as he focused on the sea of jobs before him…
Tighten the kerf, lock in the gradiant, he bellowed…
Or ye be in Davey Dan’s locker…
With his trusty cat on the lookout, he knew the sharks were the ones engrave danger…
Had they been mice, his cat would have surely thrust himself upon them…