Glowforge 2.0 has arrived

Had my Glowforge since December and it was amazing until I got alignment problems. Support has been great and they sent me a replacement unit in a breeze. Ray 2.0 has arrived.


I forgot how lovely it looked when it was clean. Lol.


You spelled “strange” wrong :slight_smile:

Congrats @zerflo


I feel ya man. My prints have had alignment problems since I got my glowforge a couple weeks ago. It sucks that you wait so long to get it and now I’ll probably have to end up waiting for a replacement as well. I’m still in talks with support staff but I wait 3 days for every response. Your new glowforge hasn’t given you any alignment problems thus far?

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If they think they can resolve it remotely or have you fix something small they will. If not, they will ship one a replacement ASAP.

My replacement unit seems to be working perfectly. I ran a big project to replicate my misalignment and it worked well.

Good luck!

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