Glowforge 2.0




@Tom_A Look, his gantry has a serious wobbly issue!


Had to check. First I thought it was a Make It Extreme build. Love the burninating.


Too soon… Too soon… :wink:


You do not know how much I want one of those! :joy:


OMG!!! GIMIE Gime gime!!!

It’s like a plasma cutter but you don’t have to be right on the material!!!

I would destroy so many old cars…


internet suggested used in nuclear decommissioning


I was thinking it would be a great alternative to the Jaws of Life in getting folks out of their cars when crashed (although there is a non-negligible fire risk :slight_smile: )


yeah, it’s probably not impossible to mount the support system for one of these on a fire truck. imagine realigning though.


Having used the jaws of life before as a volunteer firefighter I have to say two things.

One, this idea sounds awesome!!!

Two, unfortunately the patient is usually to close to the area. Bummer right!?


sir close your eyes


Hahaha!!! Well yeah but he may loose his eyelids too lol.


We’d just have to drape an asbestos blanket over them :slight_smile: Like those lead aprons at the dentist.

Or, don’t worry sir, we’re cutting the entire back half of your car off. :smile:


My dad would have given his firstborn to have that in his machine shop. (I’m the last-born, BTW. Firstborn isn’t nearly as cute. :stuck_out_tongue:)


It’ll be out in 2020, no wait, 2021, sorry, but it got pushed back to 2022. :stuck_out_tongue:


Middle of 12! Safe!


12?!?!? Your parents have WAAAAAAAAAY more energy than I do. I’ve got one and I’m walking around like a zombie half the time. I think if I had twelve, I’d just lay there on the floor and let the big ones feed the little ones, hopefully something nutritious.


I feel that some of us really fell into the cracks.

But I will say that three seems a nice number. I had thought I would want 4 but after 2 we decided one more(boy or girl) was good.

I love my kids. I wish I had a 4th to trade for that laser lol.


I’d be wobbly too. Scared out of my mind, and wobbly.


you wont need that arm that’s crushed in the door