Glowforge airfilter

I’ve had my Glowforge for approximately 6 months. I purchased the $995. Air filter along with plus machine.
That being said I have to replace my filter already and my use has been minimal as I’m still learning.
Unfortunately I did not realize the filters were so crazy expensive nor did I realize I’d have to replace in such a small time frame.

So my question is ,does anyone know of what I can do for filtering on my $995. Machine from glowforge that doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg.

If there’s any way to vent outdoors it’s better in every way.

Maybe your situation is legitimately impossible to vent, but maybe try us, there have been some clever vent solutions here for tricky setups.


Venting outside is the most cost effective. If you have to use the filter you can extend its life by using a pre-filter which you wash after every hour or so of machine operation. In general you should factor in about $10 per hour to use the filter to cover the cost of filter replacement. MDF (draft board) will fill the filter very quickly, other woods like plywood (unless it has a mdf core) or solid wood not as quickly. Some people only use the filter if they are cutting acrylic or leather or engraving ceramic tiles and switch to venting outside if cutting anything else.


Thanks for input. We are now going to cut into attic to vent it outside.
Very expensive learning experience I must say though.

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