Glowforge also makes friendships Part 2


I want everyone in this forum to know you are a Glowforge Angel!! You surprised me today and you made me cry. Tears of happiness fell from my face as I opened the box.

How do I say Thank You? How do I tell you —-I feel so loved by you? Earlier this afternoon I was thinking about my Mother and desperately wishing she was still here. She loved to surprise me with little gifts just to say “I was thinking about you when I saw this.”

As I was opening your gift —-it truly did feel like my Mother surprised me with another gift.

All My Love,


Very thoughtful for someone very deserving.


This is wonderful, and yes @JimmyWayneWestie you are amazing!


You are too kind. I am like everyone else except I talk like a hillbilly. Yesterday @CMadok surprised me with her impersonation of me.

My oxygen level dropped because I stop breathing I was laughing so hard.

You are ALSO amazing!!!



Thank you :pray:


How sweet!! :heart:


Oh good, so glad you like it! Nobody deserves a little treat more.

I tried to use as much of your supplies as possible. I was particularly pleased by how the coffee stirrers turned out when used as a veneer.

I took a little video before I sent the box.

Oh hey, I never showed the adorable designer handbag made for me by @JimmyWayneWestie! It’s the centerpiece of my miniatures collection. (Please excuse the over-ripe banana).



That is either a very small purse or a great big banana. What I am about to tell you is the absolute truth and I’m not joking. I wanted to put my cowboy boots with spurs in the picture.

I absolutely love western everything!! Clothes, decorating, music, etc.

You will never know how much I love and appreciate all of the gifts you have sent me. To perfectly honest I was kind a hoping for an engraved rock.


Heh heh. I have still not mastered the engraved rock process. Every one I have done has been disappointing, and I wouldn’t send you one until I was sure I could do a good one.


What a sweet gesture…and a deserving person who always tries to uplift others.


That is extremely kind of you to feel that way. I am just a super friendly person. I have like a golden retriever personality.

Maybe I was a golden retriever in a former life and that is why I just absolutely love dogs.

Now that I think about it ——more than likely I was a Westie in a former life. Westies just love love love love love to bark and barking is communication and I love love love to talk to people. I like to hear their stories and just become a friend.

Many months ago, when my friendship with starting with @CMadok we were talking on the phone and she made the comment how I like to compliment people. I never realized I was so friendly until she mentioned it.

My husband Eric so desperately wants to be in a Snickers commercial. Not Going Anywhere For A while —this is how he feels when we are out in public and I start talking to a stranger.


It really takes a special person to be able to be that friendly.