Glowforge Alternative search Force for Europe

We are organizing over at facebook to search for an altenative and maybe buy in group. for a better prize.

Still keeping my order but I need a laser soon in my lab.

Your link is missing the “h”.

Take a look at SarBar Multimedia (on YouTube) for tips on the Chinese lasers and how to make them play nicely. He is also doing teaching on a relabeled (but upgraded) Chinese laser.

From what I have seen posted, the Chinese lasers ship quickly, but do require some finesse.


its so we only get the smart people in that group :wink:

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there is the ebay one but we also think about go to a chinese company that makes lasers for 10 years directly.

I’ll have to remember that trick! :wink:

I don’t have facebook but I’m here if you have a similar alternative. Needs to be an Apple compatible machine though.