Glowforge App improvement

Aloha Glowforge team!

First of All, i want to thank you again for creating this amazing machine and app. What a Joy to my Creative Heart :slight_smile:

I was wondering, since i have so many designs uploaded - and still many more coming , if it could be possible to create different maps in the file page , so we could organise our uploaded files, and so be able to track them back easier? Or to be able to re-organise the uploaded files, so we could group them, instead of only letting the last new uploaded go in front of the previous etc.

Much love & mahalo,


Hi, and welcome!

The GF staff don’t monitor this area regularly, so they might not see your message. If you post it in Problems and Support they will definitely see it, and then it can be added to the “hopper.” :slight_smile:

(I’d move it for you, but that seems to bypass the mechanism that triggers a support ticket and flags support to take a look, so it’s best if you just start a new post.)


Ok thank you so much! will do that.

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