Glowforge arrival

Has anyone else received their glowforge prior to receiving the accessory package? Just curious. Our email only has one package to be delivered to us which was done today but the accessory pack with our vent hose, crumb tray, and starter pack is not expected to arrive until tomorrow. We were unaware that there were two separate packages. We were so excited when it arrived today, but are now totally disappointed.

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Welcome @buddeno. Yes, two packages.

Yes, that is often the case that they arrive at different times and you aren’t quite sure which will get there first. The shipping updates aren’t always clear.

It’s tough when they arrive on different days! Very frustrating.


Yes! It was a total buzz kill. Oh well, I’ll be more than ready tomorrow!

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That stinks. They misplaced my GF for a weekend, so I had all the accessories for a weekend with no GF. No fun.


Oh wow! I’m sorry, I guess I can’t complain. I just received the accessory package and we’re excited!


Yay! Have fun! And share what you make. :slight_smile:

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Have fun and thank the powers that be this was not your delivery man:
HIGH Fence

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Omg! Yes I’m very thankful that wasn’t us. What is wrong with people?

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