Glowforge arrived, first cuts & a scare!

After 510 days of waiting, my Glowforge finally arrived yesterday!
It was torture to see that it had been delivered (Thanks to UPS My Choice, I could go ahead and sign for it virtually), but I couldn’t get home to it for half of the day.

Then, when I got home, I immediately saw it on its end and I cringed.

My mom and dad brought us some dinner, so he helped me get it inside. The next thing I noticed was a huge gash across the top of the box (like something had been dropped on it:

Everything appears to be fine though. I am using a large built-in window seat upstairs in our bonus room as the home for the Glowforge.

It fits nicely there, but my dad and I built a quick platform to raise it up a bit more. So, it was out to the woodshop to throw something decent together. The window sill was just in the way of the vent, so the platform helps it get higher, and there is no problem (You can see it in front of my awe-struck 7 year old:

I went pretty boring for the first few prints…founder’s ruler…then a few of the Gift of Good Measure for some keychains/attachments for the kids. I used some colorful paracord I had to hang them on some carabiners…that way, they could remove them and use then to draw circles and shapes with during art (the love coloring and drawing):

Then, I remembered a coworker had some young kids…so I printed her two twin boys each one of those small keychains, and proceeded to my first custom thing…the pendant necklace for her little girl. I just used to grab a quick “M” for her name to throw in the middle. Told it to engrave and off it went!

Gave them to her this morning, and she just loved them!

Overall, I’m super impressed with how easy setup was, and how fast I could start printing things, even with zero laser experience or much design experience! It has already been fun, and I’ve only used it for a short time!

BONUS: My dad, born in 1942, has seen and done some amazing things in his lifetime. He remembers having a Ford Model A, has piloted F-4 Phantom fighter jet in Vietnam, and many many other things. After the first print of the Founder’s Ruler, he just looked at me and said, “Well, I’m impressed.” He is not easily impressed!

Thanks to the Glowforge team for this amazing product!


Awesome! Congrats on a safe arrival! Can’t wait to see even more good things! :grinning:


You only had one gash in the box? Luxury!


Excellent! Glad you hung in there with us!
BTW, The ridge that forms the ‘feet’ is recessed about 4", so if it is a little tight to bent the exhaust duct you could pull the unit toward the front quite a bit. Looks like your platform works good though.

Enjoy your adventure Bruce! :sunglasses:


Congratulations! Your amazing is just beginning…


Glad to see it fits on the window seat and great work so far.


Congratulations! It looks great in it’s spot. Looks like you are having lots of fun. Need to get cracking on that escutcheon now.


Congrats! I’ve been watching the forum for a while, but I suspect its about to blow up with all the deliveries. Can’t wait to see what you do!

Anything you have a question about, search the forums first, it will save you much time and frustration.


I swear, it’s like UPS has never seen a “this side up” sticker before.


Weren’t these mistakes due to the need for more drivers to accommodate the Christmas surge? New drivers making rookie mistakes.

We are long past Christmas, why are they still making these kinds of mistakes? It seems systemic.

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What mistakes? I think “we can’t find the box anywhere” was more of the sort of problem exacerbated by Christmas. Delivering things upended is not a mistake, as there is no such thing as requiring UPS to keep your package oriented in a particular direction. You can write all kinds of things on the box, but from UPS’s perspective it might as well say “only people named Steve are allowed to touch this box” or “meditation-sensitive device, do not contemplate”.

The gash in the box is probably within some gash tolerance standard.


I am totally writing this on the next box I ship. :slight_smile:


LOVE that you finally got yours! I know firsthand, the joy and excitement…not to mention the incredulity of owning my own laser. Will be watching to see all the cool things you make, now. :smiley:


…and that is the highlight of an awesome day!


Glad to see you finally got yours and you’re off & running :slight_smile:

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Welcome, you are off to a great start.

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I think your being serious, hard to tell.

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What a nice bonus to have your parents over while you were setting it up and checking out your first cuts! It’s really just the coolest thing to have available to make so many different things. Know you’re going to have a blast!

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…and all those HANDLES!!

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Terrific first set of projects. Your 7-year old’s expression says it all!

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