Glowforge at Adobe MAX


Was excited to see two quick glimpses of Glowforge in a video during the Adobe MAX keynote today!

Thought maybe you guys would have a booth, as there are 12,000 creatives here in Las Vegas this week, but alas, no.

Glowforge Software Development Video (Digital Telepathy)

Oh, cool! I work for Adobe (would have been at MAX, but I’m on sabbatical). Glad they could get some stage time. Last year there was a crew from Full Spectrum on the floor, engraving tiles with kaleidoscope patterns people made using Adobe Capture CC. They made something like 2000 of them over 3 days. And while they weren’t doing that, they were badmouthing :glowforge: sooooo :smiley:


See, that’s one thing that has stood out to me. Dan has never once disparaged any competition. Among competitors, a display of character is refreshing.


If you’d like to see the video (as well as a hint of a software release that’s yet to come)…

Pro Arrived and I'm Not a happy camper

Hey, do me a favor and go easy on the XD team. If you distract them with shiny things and they put off what I want from them, we’re gonna have words.



Neat! I wonder if we’ll be seeing that during day 2 of MAX. Yesterday’s video was about a NYC design firm, and there were just a couple of 1-second glowforge shots from your video intermixed.




New software…


A mention of the 30 day campaign without “kickstarter” in a promotional piece; that is an impressive achievement.





Before speculation gets too wild… the thing you’re looking for is named after a fruit that keeps the doctor away. :slight_smile:


Holy crap! You’re buying Apple? :star_struck:
(Sorry…just playing. Totally a joke. I’ll go back to my corner now.)


Got the iPad edge detection working? :slight_smile:


I think they are working on the mobile app for iOS. I heard it in the video.


Looks like it has some special bells and whistles just perfect for mobile devices with cameras. This is going to open up all kinds of fun and discussion when it rolls out. Hope the desktop app gets some flair too.


Hope that make an Android version, because iOS doesn’t enter this house.


Yeah I know. Why would any company ignore the far larger market unless they’re clueless or intentionally dissing Android. There are more Android devices in the world than iOS. Sounds like a deliberate decision to ignore the rest of the world. The whole Apple-first movement is just so frustrating. Another closed system decision by GF like the cloud stuff just to hold us back. After any developer worth his chops can make a wicked Android app and way better than iOS :sunglasses:

(TIC. I believe I have summed up the potential bellyaching comments to come so they won’t be needed. Although half our house is Android and the other is iOS.)


It’s the Willy Sutton principal. You go where the money is. iOS users spend more on apps…


Totally agree!!! Not welcomed here either.


Hahaha, sadly (for us) design an app for ios is easier because there are less variables to handle, like 2 or 3 versions of software and a few screen sizes.



Alignment issue?