Glowforge at Adobe MAX

Hope that make an Android version, because iOS doesn’t enter this house.


Yeah I know. Why would any company ignore the far larger market unless they’re clueless or intentionally dissing Android. There are more Android devices in the world than iOS. Sounds like a deliberate decision to ignore the rest of the world. The whole Apple-first movement is just so frustrating. Another closed system decision by GF like the cloud stuff just to hold us back. After any developer worth his chops can make a wicked Android app and way better than iOS :sunglasses:

(TIC. I believe I have summed up the potential bellyaching comments to come so they won’t be needed. Although half our house is Android and the other is iOS.)


It’s the Willy Sutton principal. You go where the money is. iOS users spend more on apps…


Totally agree!!! Not welcomed here either.


Hahaha, sadly (for us) design an app for ios is easier because there are less variables to handle, like 2 or 3 versions of software and a few screen sizes.




Personally, I do not like iOS at all but after having worked in the app world for years I understand well why it is targeted first.

  • It is just easier to develop for iOS because of the massive hardware differences across Android devices. This is especially true for games that rely on features in the GPU, and even good tools like Unity do not eliminate the need for hands-on shader optimization.
  • iOS users spend more on average. Sorry fellow Android users, the metrics prove we are cheapskates!

Though I despise iOS I have to admit that Safari on my iPad is a vastly superior browsing experience to any Android browser I have used. I do use my iPad constantly for that reason alone.

I cannot imagine what I would do with my GF and my iPad that I would not prefer to do on a real computer, though.


And it’s not just cash, I got the ear of a couple of developers once and ask why their super cool flight director program only worked on iPad. " with the iPad we have on processor to deal with so we know it will run on any iPad out there, with Android there are dozens of processors and video processors and each one has to be addressed".


Have you checked out “Habit Browser” by chance? It’s not perfect, it has it’s POS moments like everything else, but it’s the most desktop-like browser I have been able to find. It has SO many options, it’s crazy. You might have to change the user agent before sites stop crippling what they send, and if something doesn’t work with a desktop user agent, you can set a per-site custom user agent.

I’d say that they have enough customer information from the pre-orders to have a target demographic for which to roll out a mobile app. Judgement call as to targeting resources and a business decision open to dissection though. Would like to know more about resource allocation in building out a robust Safari GFUI (not that I’d ever use it). Have they just said, “Well, you know, Edge and Firefox are just megafauna at the end of the Ice Age, so why bother.”

What interests me is whether it will be free to download for Glowforge owners or an additional charge. Perhaps a basic app that does everything the desktop browser based GFUI does, but has some add ons to purchase that does some bitmap prep and maybe even some vector fu. Definitely some image processing stuff is in the works.

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I will check that, thanks. My current Android browser is “Free Adblocker Browser” which does do a decent job of blocking ads on un-rooted devices, and feels about as fast as Chrome.

On iOS I stick with Safari because only Safari supports OS-level ad blockers, and it just feels 10x faster than Chrome for iOS.

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I don’t want to add to the android/iOS wars, especially here, but:

Ad blocking aside, iOS (especially 11) is way more about protecting your privacy online, which is a bit the opposite of android, where you and your browsing habits ARE the product for Google, and even app developers there, who make money selling you to advertisers, targeted toward your browsing profile.

I can also verify (per earlier comments) that the apps I’m responsible for generate several times the revenue on iOS vs. android, marketshare bedamned. I feel like a huge chunk of the android installed base is people who would have gotten a flip-phone, but some rando samsung thing was free on contract, so whatever?

Anyway, I’m going back to making things. Here’s a 6” sphere and an egg carton I just made!


We made mobile platform development decisions based entirely on our opinion of the character qualities and personal merit of IOS and Android users.

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I haven’t thought about MAX in a long time, but it sure was a fun show. I’ve actually won 2 MAX awards back in the day of interactive Flash, but those days are long gone due to the demise of poor, creaky old Flash. :smile: Glad to see GlowForge getting some attention there and looking forward to a new iOS app.


It was a satirical post - hence the :sunglasses: emoticon and the Tongue In Cheek parenthetical at the end.

I figured there are some folks here whose first reaction will be along the lines of persecution, others who will be sure it’s not being done the right way, some who could have done it already, others who would have done Android first, etc. Just wanted to get all the bitching out of the way early. :smile:

No better reason could be had :wink:

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Yeah, I caught that and should have acknowledged the excellent satire. Needed to respond to the main post instead of you to help the literal minded.:wink:


Except considering the lack of firestorm, I believe there’s a case to be made that the bellyachers are all iOS users :wink: Nothing else explains the deafening silence from so many quarters.


You have made me snortal!

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Still rocking a Windows 10 Mobile phone here. Best OS with least app support.