Glowforge Aura Air Filter for Sale in CO

Glowforge Aura Air Filter model GF-ASM-00469 for sale $200 plus shipping

Almost new - used only 3 times with only one sheet of light basswood plywood.

Shipping from Colorado Springs, Colorado


Hi Sandra and welcome to the community!

You might get more responses if you mention what part of Colorado you’re in – Denver Metro, Western Slope, etc…

Good luck!


I didn’t think the Aura ran without the filter. I guess it does!


Hi Diedre. I decided to vent to the outside instead of using the filter. A $400 mistake, but oh well…


You aren’t alone in that. A lot of us did the same with the original GF CO2 lasers. I still have my filter in its original box untouched except to see that it powered up.

But the original filter was supposed to be a sleek stacked component the laser would sit on. That didn’t work so they pivoted to the big box on the floor and expensive filter replacements. The delivery delays for the filter forced most of us into alternative solutions so the filter became pretty useless (& $900 for the CO2 lasers :smile:).


Totally. For some reason I was under the impression that it wasn’t an option for the Aura, that the filter was part of it. I think outside is always FTW unless you’re using it (any laser) in the middle of a room and don’t have that option.

Laser filter replacements were, and are, expensive - that was never gonna be different.


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