Glowforge Basic and Glowforge Air Filter - Dayton, Ohio

Glowforge Basic purchased brand new.
Glowforge Air Filter Purchased brand new.
Many odds and ends that we used alongside the Glowforge.

EDIT: Asking $2,300 for everything we have.

We were hoping to use this in our business at the time we purchased it, but no longer have the business. In great shape. Message if interested.

When was the Glowforge purchased - when was it new?

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Glowforge purchase in May 2019. Glowforge Air Filter purchased in November 2020.

Hi! Would you be interested in selling just the air filter (and maybe some of your odds and ends)?

Yes, I would sell the air filter separate and odds and ends. I hadn’t thought of what we would sell that separately for. We paid $1,200 including shipping when we bought it. What would you offer for that separate the odds and ends?

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