Glowforge Basic for Sale in Colorado $1500 Thornton CO

We have to sell our Glowforge Basic. :sob: :sob: :sob: $1500.00 I am hoping that someone in Colorado will want to buy
We are moving and we can’t take it with us.
I used it to make a few ornaments, wood and acrylic but have not done a whole lot with it.


You probably don’t want to put your email here, as the forum is public and some scammer will scrape it. Instead people can message you on here, and you can set it so the forum will send you an email when you get a message :slight_smile:

Sorry you have to sell :frowning: Can you give a better idea of where in CO? N/S/E/W?


I am selling from the Thornton area of Colorado. thank you @deirdrebeth


How old is your GF?

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