Glowforge Basic for sale Miami/Broward Area for $2000


My wife and I bought this amazing product a year ago and we absolutely love it. We have created beautiful pieces for us, friends, and our addition to the family. Due to that, we had a baby we no longer have time or space for the glowforge basic and we think that selling it will give someone else the opportunity to create and enjoy this amazing product. We live in Broward and we are selling it for $2000. If you are interested please message me!!


You might want to include which model you have. :wink: Congratulations on the new addition!

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Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good Luck on your continuing journey. :sunglasses:

I’m sorry to lose you as a customer now, but congratulations on your little one!!! I hope you’ll have a Glowforge again someday.


Glad you got to experience the magic of the GF and even more happy for you as you experience the joys of children. I hope we see you on here again soon.

Hi is this still available?

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