Glowforge Basic VS Plus

So I noticed, after checking in regarding the November update, that they now feature a Glowforge Plus model. This model is touted to be 20% faster than the Basic.

Anyone know what other differences it has? Why is it priced the same as the Basic Pre-Order model that early backers paid for? Will these early backers get compensated for this?

The Plus is the same as the Basic with the exception that it is tuned for the higher Power capability of the Pro. (Letting you use a faster speed for cutting at Full Power.)

All else is the same as the Basic model. (No passthrough slot, no improved cooling options. It’s still a Class 1 laser.)

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So the tuned up model was never offered to the backers I assume?

Correct. The initial offerings for the crowdfunding were only for Basics or Pro models. They only decided to offer the Plus models after the results of the beta and Pre-release testing, at the suggestion of some of the testers. (It was an addition to the line based on customer feedback.)

Huh… well I will admit our business feels a bit ripped off given the Basic model is much cheaper now and we paid for the same price as what the Plus model is being offered for; without any compensation for that gap. Will need to contact Customer Service over this.

Thanks for the information!

When exactly did you order the Basic? There was one brief period where the price of the Basic was higher than the current price of the Basic, and Glowforge offered to refund the difference in store credit at that time for those who qualified when they posted the new pricing.

Continuing the discussion from April 2018 update:

Not sure if they are still doing that now, but when you contact Support you’ll need the order amount, the date it was purchased and whether you ordered with a filter or not.

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I received it in 2017, but purchased it well before that date so yeah it was much more than what it is now; and it was purchased with a filter. I have sent a message to Support and so we’ll see where that goes. Thanks for this info!!

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