Glowforge books on Amazon!?

Have you seen these yet? Are they Official?

Glowforge Graphic Images: Flowers Black and White (Volume 1)

Glowforge Graphic Images Flowers: Color Images (Volume 2)

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"Because the Glowforge is so new the company has yet to offer an extended source of graphics which you can use without having to resize, redraw or figure out how to use with ease. They do however have a small catalog with a limited number of designs you can print out and use. With that in mind I have created a library of graphic images that are easy to use on the new Glowforge laser engraver/cutter."

I wouldn’t buy it.

I thought it rather odd as well. I don’t think I will, I have a much nicer book of antique floral drawings that I will make use of once the Sprout arrives… tomorrow.


If you click on the author link on Amazon you’ll see he’s big on animals and Christmas for the glowforge you have yet to receive. Mr. Doombos has certainly drunk the first mover advantage Kool-Aid.

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You forgot his Glowforged Dragons Pack.

But yea. This seems super sketchy. His Seal Team VI Warrior Cookbook seems legit, though. :wink:


Do you think you can print one of these from his book?


I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll just stick with his Glowforged Christmas Pack and print out Santa.

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All of these are simply generic graphics. A modern version of ‘1001 Clipart Images’ CD’s that used to litter the shelves of Egghead Software and Circuit City.

I don’t know, maybe the paper stock will cut well.
Has anyone tried cutting a book yet!
This seems to fit the bill.

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I really like the low res stolen image from a video for a cover


I know right!

@Dan. for your legal fun.

Correct, nothing to do with us. :slightly_smiling:


It is quite flattering for glowforge to have someone hanging off their shirt tails. Maybe if this ‘author’ can convince the crowd to buy in, he or she can get in line and put proof to concept.

So doing a lot of searches for different reasons (gifts, myself, work, side projects, researching random stuff) on Amazon I’m used to their “based on your interest in xyz, you may be interested in” spam emails and pay them no real heed. I looked at all of these books on Amazon when this topic was first posted and I just received my glowforge-book Amazon spam. In addition to most of this guy’s books there was a mixed selection of cnc/laser machines and material packs. I was thinking, “hey, mr. robot did a good job this time.” What got me was the last link: Mead spiral wound wide-rule notebooks.

So who is buying massive quantities of wide rule notebooks that the Amazon robot thinks they’re linked with lasers? Or is there an obvious connection I’m missing?

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algorithms are only so good.

Yeah, I’ve never been impressed with Amazon’s recommendations. Most of my friends & family use faceplant, so I have to remember to search cool things like kegoraters to keep the adverts from being annoying. :grin:

Sounds like :+1: Friends and family haha :slightly_smiling: