Glowforge Burning / Yellowing Wood and Photo while trying to make Puzzle

That is weird then. Crumbtray perfectly flat, sitting in the divots evenly? Your lens does look funky but not in a way that should produce this pattern.

Longshot: I don’t think you mentioned if you were cutting the puzzle face up or face down? If face down the smudges could possibly be flashback. (put a sheet of copy paper between your crumbtray and the puzzle when cutting to minimize)

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@ekla - Great callout, this may be it. I do cut the puzzles face down with tape on the crumb tray. Do you think it would help to add an additional piece of paper to reduce flashback? Is this a potential fire risk?

Adding a piece of loose paper would be a fire risk, but fairly minimal as cutting things with a laser go. That could definitely be flashback on the puzzle though. Can you add masking to the piece before cutting it, or would that damage the picture?

Did your friend cut the puzzle face-down as well?

Several people have commented that they regularly use newspaper underneath the item they are cutting, including jigsaw puzzles.

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I’d try a small test with just a sheet of paper and no tape on the crumb tray.
I’ve been cutting the acrylic earsavers this way and get zero flashback. (Acrylic unmasked too)


Def looks like flashback to me.

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Firstly - THANK YOU so much everyone. This community is truly amazing!!!

So I think the issue was 100% flashback, even with paper i was getting similar issues :(. I used a level and wildly enough I believe the floor in my room where the glowforge was held was not level. I moved it to another room which is more level and not getting flashback anymore.

That being said, the last issue I am encountering is slight discoloration of the photo paper and or wood? That yellowing. Even with the change to ensure the flashback holes dont occur, im still receiving discoloration(see slight discoloration at speeds of 175 - top and 180 bottom at full power, 0.125 focal height for 1/8 inch wood).

I am also putting tape on crumb tray and photo side of wood face down.

Any ideas how to solve this last issue? See screenshot below

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