Glowforge cart table

The Glowforge finally has a home. Some venting issues forced me to make a decision…and this is what I ended up with. Sturdy. Heavy duty. Locking wheels. Mobile. Room for proofgrade. It’s a little industrial next to the pink velvet chairs…but what are ya gonna do? It’s kind of a perfect fit for the forge.

Gladiator Work Bench


Looks perfect, but holy smokes that’s expensive!

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Fits perfect, but as @eflyguy said, that really seems pricy for ‘just’ a bench. Wonder why they priced it so high.

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Looks great–i can only dream of keeping my studio so clean! :smile:

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Less industrial looking than it is built. It goes very well in that room.

What in the name of god is going on here. How do you not have tons of little leftover bits of proofgrade scattered all over the floor. And tons of partially assemb3ld projects on the desk? Did you hire a staging company?


HA! I have a habit of cleaning up after myself. Plus this room opens to my living room. I don’t like to look at clutter.


It is pricey. But it’s sturdy. And I paid a lot for my Glowforge. I didn’t want to settle for something that was going to be flimsy and cause alignment problems. I need something mobile so I can take it out for cleaning. This was a perfect fit. If it makes workflow better, it’s worth an investment.


Didn’t mean to be critical… Mine lives on a similarly sturdy and pricey throne!


That’s beautiful!


It’s very sturdy and it looks good where you have it…we got a similar one, but without the wheels, and my husband had an excellent time putting it together–he had a mild stroke at the end of June this year, and he felt that putting the Gladiator Bench together and moving it around was good Physical Therapy!
(Also, ours isn’t nearly so tidy…)


It’s cute and seems like a good fit for your overall aesthetic (even if it’s more industrial than your seating!). I do hope you have some secret closet or something, though. That’s not nearly enough storage for all the GF-friendly stuff you’re going to accumulate!

I am also ridiculously impressed by the cleanliness of your office, not even taking the GF into account.


Our is in the basement with all the 3D printers and my wife finally threw a hissy fit last weekend, and mandated I hit that area with the shop-vac. She noted it was like walking on legos to go through that room…


The table is pretty but dang, I too am floored by the tidiness of your work area! :star_struck: I have aspirations of an organized workspace but somehow bits and pieces of projects seem to linger. . .


Am wondering where you found this :heart_eyes:


The thickness of that laminated hardwood top is great!

Close to level is good enough but flat is important due to flexing of the case. At least from my perspective, a rubbing lid is annoying.
That is pricey, but “Never be afraid to buy the best, you’ll always be happy with it.”


Don’t have one of these, but Costco was selling them at some point.


Yup, Costco - when on clearance. I have a small collection including a cabinet.


Looks like a perfect solution, but you might need a HUGE cabinet with doors and lots of shelves to store all the materials.

We have probably 20 or 22 shelves of material, then there are boxes on the floor with more material in a 4th bedroom. Plus a workspace near the Glowforge for sanding, gluing, and assembly. Big box of clamps, calipers, duct tape, roll of masking, and so much more.


The description of all that stuff makes me think I should take a before and after of my tiny little studio…aka pantry. It was SO clean and tidy at one point, and now I have stuff suspended from hooks all over the place. What a mess…but, it’s my lovable mess. :smile: