Glowforge Cart

Hi All,

My Glowforge arrived five days before it’s stand arrived so I had to wait until day before yesterday to set it up. The late arrival of the stand was due to my mistiming the cart arrival from the shipper. The cart, by the way, is a 48" L x 24" W x 38" H stainless steel cart with casters because the needs of my workspace preclude a permanent location (working on convincing She Who Must Be Obeyed to let me enlarge the workspace ). The cart was $169+tax, but after factoring in the time required to build on between work, family, and being my son’s taxi driver, it seemed well worth the cost to get up and running quickly (the aforementioned love of my life will not agree to me having welding gear so…). Oh, and it’s darn near indestructible. :slight_smile:

I’m a bit tall so the 38" height means my back will be saved some stress. The Glowforge fits on top perfectly with a few extra inches on the ends that makes moving the cart a breeze. The cart is stable and the Glowforge has performed flawlessly so far. Not sure that it’s a good fit for anyone else (if you’re shorter you might need to shorten the legs a bit), but you can find it at (link).

And now, back to making things!


Looks nice! :grinning:

Sounds perfect for you! Enjoy your Glowforge!

Oh boo! :confused:

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GlowForge takes 2 years to ship, arrives 2 weeks before the third party cart. I guess glowForge is better than we realized.