Glowforge catalog will have step by step instructions

I second what @geek2nurse said. It is easy enough to modify the file. If for some reason she can’t do it, another one of us can. However, the GF needs to be watched when it is working, most especially with acrylic. Take care of your family during this time. When you have time to devote to make the ear savers, do what you can.

I take it from the reference of “jr high” rather than “middle school” we might be in the same potential generation; but I don’t remember masculine being generic in English class. :wink:

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whatever will we do without you…I’ve never known my life since I joined GF in October 2015 of a day without Jules… oh the drama … :rofl: take that vacation… :beach_umbrella: :mount_fuji: :station: :motor_scooter: go enjoy … we’ll all be here … :family_woman_woman_girl_boy: :family_woman_woman_girl: :family_woman_woman_boy: :family_man_woman_boy: :family_man_woman_girl: :family_man_woman_girl_boy: :family_man_woman_boy_boy: :family_man_woman_girl_girl: :family_man_man_boy: waiting…


I also went to jr high rather than middle school. Based on your profile pic, though, I’m significantly older than you…and I did learn in jr. high English that “he” was generic.

I also wasn’t allowed to take shop class and had to take home economics instead, but that’s a whole 'nother topic. :wink:


I think it should have details as well. Even though I have had my (gasp! already?!) Glowforge for 3 years next month, there are still materials I haven’t forged yet. Two are still on my list…leather. It would be nice for a list of what materials you might need (i.e. and reminder to peel off the masking I think was said) … and the Veneer … I have some but only came up with one idea for it until the catalog updated. I would imagine newbies would have at least this many questions…

…now I want to make these Veneer card holders…I have sooooo many questions. I haven’t used this material before.

Apparently for the “Sleek, Push-up Veneer Card Holder” according to the one line of instructions, you need to use a veneer with the adhesive on the back.

  1. If you don’t then are you still able to get the same results with just a glue?
  2. Is the design perfectly mirrored so if you cut it out, do you then flip it over, place back in the same spot and engrave or score a design on the front like the sample shows?
  3. Why does it mention scoring the adhesive, what does that do?
  4. When I loaded the file, #1 it says veneer. When I chose Veneer as the material it marked one as CUT but I don’t know what to do with the interior lines. Is this the scoring they are talking about? Why are we scoring into adhesive? Why would we want adhesive all over the area where the credit cards are going to be?
  5. I’m not positive what the 2nd file is with acrylic. Did we pull off the adhesive, if so, why would we use something with adhesive all over it if we only need a slim section? Does the acrylic piece make it slide in and out easier?

Again…I’ve never used the veneer, although very excited about this and the other similar design in the catalog. I want to make quite a lot of these if they turn out as good as these look.

I have year long reusable gift certificates as gifts for some family members. Thought it would be awesome to put the plastic gift certificate inside the other gift (the cardholder that can be used with other cards continually). Plus hubby’s family has large stockings and we all put items in each other’s stockings so thought these would be really nice. I really like these designs! (just don’t want to waste material trying to figure out how it is meant to be made)

I’m not meaning to be critical, I just need some guidance so I can make some really beautiful card holders! I have some purple heart veneer that I bet would be gorgeous! Thanks for any guidance … I would LOVE to get these made this weekend with each recipient’s monogram on it. Thank you to the designer!

Maybe I didn’t pay close enough attention in English class. I got to take a “mini course” in junior high and I took a shop class, and took a flat block of wood, put in a diagonal cut (I think they let me cut it; maybe the shop teacher did), and 4 partially drilled holes to glue in short dowel rods for a recipe holder. (big whoop) Yep that was as close to Shop Class as females were allowed at least at our school. Yeah, so didn’t want to take home economics…I luckily escaped cooking class (I am a picky eater and would have flunked just with my reaction to some of those dishes they made in there and you were forced to eat). I got by with sewing and it gave me basic skills to sew…though I couldn’t put a zipper in today if I had to.

Oh my, you might be surprised. I’ll give you an idea…the real life drama that prompted the book and movie, “All The Presidents Men”, unfolded when I was in Junior High. :wink:

Heh, me too. If that’s you in your profile pic, you’re well preserved. :wink:

Yes that is me in the picture. I got married last Spring. We’ve been together for 8 years and married for 1 year. Was in college for part of that time :woman_student:

… well thank you … you just made my year.

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I don’t remember this in Jr. High, either. And, I mean Jr. High…not middle school. :grinning:


My English teacher was super old. (And by that I mean probably about the age I am now.) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Maybe she introduced her own biases into our learning. :woman_shrugging:


I probably wouldn’t have remembered it aside from she went on a rant about s/he not being a word and this is why it is ridiculous to use that, etc.

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It was the accepted standard in English from the 1700s until roughly 1970ish when variants of he/she, s/he, etc popped up. It’s because of English’s gender specific pronominal basis. The non-gender specific “they” was only for the plural and not singular reference. It grew in informal use to be acceptable for either until the Oxford Dictionary finally gave it official validity in singular use in 2002. BTW, it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that the AP guide to style finally approved its use as a non-gender specific singular reference. Some things take a long time to change but the plural “they” being used to refer to a singular person of undetermined gender is way less awkward than some of the previous alternatives.

What’s really intriguing is how proper English does not have a gender pronoun for animals. It’s technically incorrect to refer to my dog as a “he” - gender based pronouns are supposed to only apply to humans & the use of “it” is supposed to suffice for non-human and inanimate objects (like cars & boats which are typically referred to as “she”).

Not sure exactly who the secret star chamber is that decides things for the Oxford Dictionary but they have some really arcane thoughts about things :grin:


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