Glowforge Catalog

I know that you gave us the update we’ve been waiting for, but the question I am wondering now is when will the design catalog will be out to use or look at I would love to see some of the ideas and add some to the catalog for people to use???


We haven’t announced a release date for the catalog yet.


ok just wondering thanks


@dan One of the things I would love to see is an example of some catalog files for designs that perform well with the Glowforge. Then, I could look at some details of the files (e.g., how did the file distinguish between a line that was to be cut vs etched, how do you designate etch lines to have different depths, can a design used for etching/distressing canvas be the same as a file used on wood, etc). I’d love to get a start on designing things – but I’m scared to spend too much time without some indicators about how it would perform. So – since the pre-purchasers are going to get access to the GF files for everything in the video – could we get them ahead of time, to use as design resources? Thank you! I’m really excited about all the things we can do when it comes!


Thanks for the request! Will discuss with @Tony how we can get people unblocked for designing.


Probably have to wait to finalize shipping else you’d be giving away products to someone who could cancel and not be a purchaser.

But still, I like the early access idea.

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