Glowforge/Christmas Analogy


Every morning I run with excitement to my emails in hopes to see thee most awaited, wonderful, shipping email that will make my eyes wide and filled with happy tears, like a kid running down the stairs, to his Christmas tree, to see if Santa’s arrived!

I guess I must have been naughty this year … my name is not on that email list yet! :smirk:

Happy Holidays Glowforgers!


Naughty can be significantly under-rated. :wink:
(Happy holidays to you too, soon-to-be Glowforger.)


lol! Right! :smiley:


Oh crap…I never even thought about the Naughty-list. (After 18 years of “no Ferrari” on Christmas morning… I was soo thinking I was due)


The bright spot there is your family has the benefit of your presence instead of you being holed up with your laser!

Happy holidays!


lol! :smile: