Glowforge Community steps up!

Wanted to give a HUGE shout out to @xoce (Jose). I met him here in the Glowforge community. He made a point to invite me to his super cool shop! He provided me with invaluable tips and tricks. I realized now that I didn’t know much at all and feel way more prepared. We spent 6 hours working with software, hardware, materials, making projects, and more. I couldn’t be more thankful for the time and effort you put into helping a complete stranger.

Thanks again for the one of a kind experience! I’m going to share a picture of a cup sleeve we made that says, “Nurse Cassie”. My wife is a transplant nurse. We made a special surprise for letting me slip away for the day. Thanks again for being you Jose!


Really great. I see he says he’s in St. Aug so glad to see more Florida folks.


yes sir! Both of us in st aug. Cool to have another creator close by!


I have hosted several “strangers” from the internet (the forum here) and have had memorable experiences every time!
Across the spectrum of disciplines and interests here there is one common thread among us, we gravitate to this tool and its possibilities.


So, yesterday, two dads,…trust is their only common gift as strangers, came together and had a cool time with some kindred creative explosions (say that, three times fast). We let our boys play with Nerf guns, while the wives happily went about their lives.
Just a great time with new friend.


I cannot let this story about the Community slide without calling out @geek2nurse having stepped up to help a dear friend in the opposite corner of the country who found herself alone and suddenly blind drowning in a sea of bureaucratic idiocy that could not understand why a person suddenly blind could not read all the instructions and fill out a bunch of paperwork documenting her problems so she could start to get help and that the great Chinese wall between states meant that folks on one side of the river boundary could not get help needed on the other side .

Having nothing more than the connections of this Forum and herself still recovering from her foot surgery @geek2nurse and her husband were able to break through the bureaucratic nightmare and get my friend to the best hospital she needed on the other side of the river and are still providing vital help where none would exist otherwise.

If this thread can call out and show off the real stars in our group I would ask it to be so.


Great story and thank you for the right up giving recognition, very cool


It has been a pleasure getting to know @rbtdanforth’s friend Chenae. She’s an amazing person, with such a wealth of wisdom and life experience to share. I’m pretty sure we’ve gotten at least as much out of it as she has. :slight_smile:


Couldn’t agree more! Excited for the collaborations to come!


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