Glowforge cut window insert



I designed a window insert to simplify the air handling. 5mm plywood from Home Depot. Now trying to figure out the best way to glue and paint.


That’s pretty cool! It’s great how the tool itself can offer up so many ways to improve the tool. :slight_smile:

How are you planning on sealing your various joints to avoid any air leakage?




We are going to seal it. It’ll be up to the wife on if she wants to paint it or stain it. Either clear or white silicon. This will be on a front facing window to the house, that’s why so much work to make it a nice looking design versus just a hole in a board.


Wow, that really is a great looking louvered insert! :grinning:


Really nice job on this.


Aw, geez. Now the rest of us are going to have to step up :slight_smile:


Hahaha! Hole in a board. You certainly stepped up to the challenge. Paint and weather stripping and that’s as good as it gets. :sunglasses:


That is so awesome! I was just thinking about doing something like that for mine! Where I live, I’d have to work out a bead channel to install a screen to keep the bugs out.


Finished and installed. Works great!


Show off :wink:

Really nice. Really really nice design. Looks great. You’ve raised the bar for out the window vents. :grinning:


that looks way better than my piece of MDF with a crapload of foil tape sealing it shut to the window frame.


Yeah, that turned out very nicely! Very unnoticeable. :+1: