Glowforge delivery, german edition

We are getting our Glowforge Pro too (also Germany). Maybe today :-). Yesterday UPS said is going to be delivered today, but the Glowforge was still at the customs and today my choice doesn´t have a delivery date. So we are very excited.


Wunderbar! Super stoked that Glowforgea are escaping America.

I’m getting so excited that Glowforges are dropping left and right around me!

“Glowforges are dropping”…I winced! :wink:


Ha! Elon Musk and Dan must be from the same block, as they are both very optimistic schedulers. Probably the mark of a personally trait needed to take on something like this :wink:

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I got my golden email the 16th and was told that I would be told of the actual shipping within 5 weeks. Nothing yet - not five weeks. I am surprised that European gfs are on the truck while those being shipped to Kentucky are not.

When did you order? These are orders that were placed in 2015.

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Most people are. They’ve done some interesting studies around this in the workplace. Even the most pessimistic of estimates is typically short-sighted of the final deliverable.

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Just got my email on Feb 21. Ordered in March 2016.
Looks like it will take a while longer before GF finds Paducah, KY from what you stated…

I actually know where that is. I found it during last years solar eclipse. Nice place. Huge flood walls. Nice historical murals on them. And that steam engine is huge.

It’s here! Will report later, now, setup…


Congrats! :grinning::balloon::dizzy::boom::tada::confetti_ball::dolls::tanabata_tree::flags:

No, mine’s a basic.

OK. So after the first delivery attempt yesterday, I was able to re-route to the package center and pick it up today after work. Although UPS’ customs department called me yesterday to tell me I need about 500€ (400€ import tax + 80€ customs duty) in cash for delivery (or pickup), at the package center there was no notice to be found regarding any of that. So up until now, I havent payed anything.

The package is a bit banged up, but I have seen worse. 2 handles missing. (Note: the package was stored upright in the pickup center. “This side up” seems to be considered a decorative sticker.)

I didn’t prepare venting arrangements in advance, so I had to build that today before setup. I fixed a dryer outlet to a clear polystyrol plate, which I can place in my open window (with velcro strips to keep it in place). Works well enough for now.

As UPS lost my proofgrade, I used a piece of 5mm MDF I had lying around, masked with painters tape. Printed the metric founders ruler using thick draftboard settings. The engraving and outer cut is very nice, the inner cuts are burned a bit at the narrow end.

All in all, I’m very impressed that it is possible to ship such a heavy machine, filled with coolant, a glass tube, high voltage stuff and electronics half way around the world and have it arrive in perfect condition.


Me too! :grinning:

@Draradech, is your machine set for metric?

The UI? I haven’t looked at it in detail, but at least focus height was in inches…

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Ah, thats unfortunate.
Thanks for the info

Here’s a little something for you all over in Germany. It also has the bonus effect of annoying my wife no end after me talking up the :glowforge:s capabilities and then effectively doing the job of a pair of scissors (but now with added unintended parallax effect).

Also if you want the font it’s called Victor7.

p.s. Had to edit as I forgot to add the picture that gives context to this whole post


Does it have a CE mark at least? and a declaration of conformity.