Glowforge Design Project Catalog-where is it located?

Glowforge Pro up and running! Did first group of test cuts and wanted to continue trying out a variety of materials, projects while I am converting my files over to cut on my new GF

Where can I find the catalog? I have searched without any luck. If I am posting in wrong Forum, apologies. Wasn’t sure best location

Thanks in advance!

“Catalog” at the top! (Between “Community” and “Shop” on the header of this page.)

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Catalog tab at the top of this page.

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Great minds are typing at the same time.

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I think they are supposed to be expanding the catalog soon too, aren’t they?

I cannot wait to see what gets added! It seems so sparse right now…

Thanks all. I saw that but I guess I expected it to be a larger catalog based on what I had read in forums and all the designs. Sorry if I was asking the obvious.

Check out the Category “Free Laser Designs” here in the forum. Lots to try.


Yeah, lot’s of cool stuff in “Free Laser Designs”!


Thanks everyone for the great answers!


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