Glowforge Discord or Reddit?


Hi Everyone!

I was wondering if there is a Glowforge community presence on Reddit or if there is a public discord server for it.

If not, we may want to consider putting one up. They could be good tools for the community to use.


I’d prefer slack over discord. We have some people on google hangouts already


I thought about slack too. Though, correct me if I am wrong, someone will need to pay for it. I also think it costs per user? At least that was my reason for saying discord rather than Slack.


i brought this up once and it got roundly voted down. there’s a pretty active fb group though:

slack has a free tier though there are limits. im happy to set it up but i’m reasonably sure it won’t see much use. the threads here are pretty chatty already.


If you don’t mind me asking, why was it voted down?

I think the real time element of discord (or a similar app) could be really handy. Also, Discord has a pretty awesome API. As for Reddit, the interconnectivity between various subreddits could also be helpful.


heck if i know, people don’t like change.

there’s already a subreddit.

regardless, here’s a slack to go with the fb page:

if people are interested, i’ll edit out this link eventually and let people invite others as this is open on the internet.


Thank you! I joined it!


Not a whole lot of activity but that may change as more people get their units.


The admin who created the /r/glowforge group has been missing for the better part of a year. There’s a process for regaining admin, but it takes work. :laughing: