Glowforge eCommerce

Looks like Glowforge are looking to update their heavily customised Solidus eCommerce platform to Shopify Plus.

Hopefully that means they can start offering Proofgrade and designs to international customers, plus solve some of the other online shopping issues…

From a current GF job advert:

You’ll be working with a small team of ecommerce developers to deliver phenomenal shopping on the frontend, and reliable integrations on that backend. That means:

  • Working to migrate our commerce from a heavily modified fork of Solidus to Shopify Plus
  • Fine tuning the store to be modern, reliable, and highly optimized
  • Continuing to add features to the new store
  • Building and fine-tuning referral systems and personalized recommendations
  • Collaborating with our growth team to run high-velocity experiments
  • Safely managing our customer’s personal information
  • Integrating multiple backend systems to ensure that our financials, taxation and inventory are precisely tracked
  • Building tools for our Customer Success team so that they have everything they need to delight our beloved customers

That’s our hope too. :slight_smile:


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