Glowforge engraving pictures

im trying to engrave photos on to wood but it is burning it in to dark

i tried engraving a picture of one of my buddy who is black and it basically made a gient burn mark on the wood and i did another one of another buddy who is white and it made him look black
it seems like the lasers power it to high and im using the pre-set controls that glowforge uses with there proof grade materials

@dan im hoping you could do a YouTube video on how to engrave pictures???

You might try this thread, good info here:
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I also have detailed my process here : Wedding photo engrave and the small steps to perfection!

What was the wood you used when doing your iterations? I’ve found the draftboard isn’t great for photo engraves, but the maple plywood works really well.

There’s a lot of photo engraving info here in the forum and I’d start with the two above. The machine settings can only do so much and it usually takes some file prep for a good outcome. It can be a learning curve at first and seem strange becasue you have to take a good photo and make it looks visually worse for a good laser outcome. :slight_smile:

Here’s a few other decent looks at photo prep. Some of the specific setting etc. the videos may discuss won’t translate to the GF necessarily, but the concepts are very good.