Glowforge Exhaust Extender (for 3d printing)

I often struggle to get my exhaust hose on and off the glowforge exhaust port. I designed an extender and posted it to Thingiverse. It is meant to be printed in TPU. This adds another 10mm or so to the length of the exhaust port, while still allowing a 4" vent hose to fit on easily.

I couldn’t find anyone else that had designed one of these, so I went ahead. It’s a real simple design and I also put the source code (Open SCAD) on Thingiverse. I hope you find it useful!

Design is on Thingiverse here:


Not to take anything away from your kind work, but …

Here is a relevant post that mentions other relevant topics.


Nice! Thanks for the info, I never did come across that thread, apparently I wasn’t searching the right term. Looks like there are some similar designs/ideas. I would say the one benefit with my design over some of those in the thread is that using TPU as opposed to a more rigid filament allows a and secure connection to the GF without having to use a bunch of clamp or screw type connectors. Anyway, glad to see there are some other options available.

Cool. I’ll try it.

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