Glowforge fonts

When I sell on Ebay or Etsy etc. and I am allowing the customers to pick their font for engraving is there somewhere I can refer them to allow them to see the Glowforge fonts available to choose from and examples of them?

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Pick a few and print out some sample text for a graphic. They will not be able to see them without the machine.


I’ve not vetted what @primal_healer said, but it seems pretty solid in theory. You’ll want to verify it, or just make your own contact sheets and go from there.


Ok cool, I will check that out. If they are the same that would be an awesome and good reference for customers! Thanks.

I just scanned it, it looks pretty much exactly as primal healer said.

Thanks, I appreciate you checking it out :+1:

I strongly recommend that you choose a small collection of fonts with some variety, but which you know work well. 1000+ fonts is overwhelming for people to choose from and some of them just aren’t going to work well for your projects.


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