Glowforge For Sale


I have a Glowforge Pro that I purchased just a few months ago in July. I have only used it lightly and so it is in excellent condition!

Due to a series of events, I’d be moving away from Canada for at least 18 months and so I was looking to sell it instead of taking it with me.

I’m curious as to whether anyone here would be interested in buying a Glowforge Pro or if you know anyone outside of this platform who’s looking to get one.

**I’m currently based in Newfoundland, Canada

where are you in the great white north?


Haha! I’m in St. John’s, Newfoundland

AHHH A newfi! - you said ‘Canada’ :canada:, eh? I see you updated your location! (thumbs up)



Considering the difficulties of getting it there I would advertise locally, but keep in mind that you have to transfer ownership by going through Support or it will not work for them.